First Feels: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Currently I’ve only played for about 6 hours. It has it’s flaws, which I suppose you expect of an early access, in general though its a heck of a lot of fun. In particular when you play it with friends, just as a tip off the bat, I would recommend using an independent voice chat service like discord as the in game chat can be temperamental. The first game I played was revealing, I jumped out of the plane, in PUBG the aim is to hunt for supplies in large properties like garages and houses and then kill everyone till you’re the last man/woman standing. In this case unfortunately, a few players had got to the ground before me, so had already begun looting the most promising and largest buildings. Eventually I found a bungalow that looked empty, so I entered it, only to find another player had entered through an alternative door, fortunately there wasn’t any weapons in there and she was unarmed. We then proceeded to have a manic jumping and twisting, fist fight which resulted in me receiving a brutal punch to the face and dying instantly, before I’d even had the chance to pick anything up.


Ordinarily this might be frustrating however within two minutes I was in another game, this time I decided to parachute somewhere a little more quiet. This allowed me to get a feel for the controls which are all as simple as a game that offers such diversity in your actions would allow. PUBG is set on a gigantic island where the circular area of play gradually gets smaller over the course of time. If you stand out of the area you take a passive amount of damage that ticks harder each time the area decreases. In my second game I’d unluckily jumped a huge distance from where the reduced ‘play area’ was going to be. This meant I spent around 3 minutes simply running to the new zone. This might sound tedious however it actually adds a real element of urgency to the game and by the law of averages, overtime, it will affect everyone equally. A few times I’ve been that lucky guy that barely has to move all game because the reducing area keeps spawning on top of me.

Guns in the game are challenging to use, there’s bullet drop at long distances (sorta like battlefield however not as strong), there is also the delay at a distance so you have to shoot ahead of someones path if they’re far away, the recoil on a machine gun can be rather strong so your best bet is to burst a weapon. This all adds to the skill cap though, and means you have to play the game intelligently, plenty of times I’ve madly shot at someone with a double barrel shotgun only to miss and have them turn around and spank me. It really gives you that Rainbow Six: Vegas, feel good when you do manage a kill. The most kills I’ve achieved in a game so far is two, however I have managed to get into the last 10 people alive.

I’ve heard a few negative things about the menu and looting system, personally I haven’t had any problems with it yet. Everything is very self explanatory and what you expect of a game in it’s genre. I’m sure eventually someone will think of a better way of executing the loot and menu system while in game, but for the life of me I can’t think how else it can be done at the moment. I also appreciate the fact that I can move while looting or opening the menu. It means that if sh*t suddenly hits the fan while you’re looting something, then you can start to bail out before you’ve even exited the menu.

I feel there is a lot they could add to the game to increase the rewards of searching for weapons, for example some sort of rare weaponised vehicles in the 2’s and 3’s+, forgive me if this already exists and I simply haven’t found it yet. I would also like more frequently spawning sniper type weapons, so far I’ve only found a rifle once but I wasn’t able to find a scope before I was killed. In addition, the colour pallete is a little grey and it can be difficult to differentiate between objects at a distance. A friend of mine should be showing me a way to improve the colours though when he gets the chance! The biggest positive of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is the exciting nature of it, I’m very much looking forward to finishing #1 for the first time. It’s a great game if you have a few friends to play with and you like to think tactically, although having friends to play with isn’t absolutely necessary as you can join 2’s+ alone and be paired with randomers. Surprisingly the randomers are all quite friendly for an online game. In all I’m getting some good First Feels and looking forward to playing some more with buddies.

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